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Beautiful Day for Racing

Posted 7/13/2002 / Labels:     

15th Annual Regatta for the Arts Held June 23

Regatta for the Arts, the annual Ashtabula Yacht Club Sailing Club fund-raiser for the Arts Center, this year netted more than $5,000 for the Ashtabula Arts Center.

The 15th Regatta for the Arts on Lake Erie had 30 boats registered for the race, which runs from Ashtabula to Geneva-on-the- Lake and back. Weather conditions on Sunday were a bit on the warm side, but otherwise great for the race. The event was originally scheduled for June 16, but was postponed for one week due to weather conditions on that day. Area businesses and individuals made monetary pledges to sponsor boats in the race. The proceeds wholly benefit the Arts Center.

Overall winner of the event was "Ten Spot," skippered by Terry Persily and sponsored by Ten Spot Syndicate.

Winners and their divisions were:

Performance Handicapped Racing Fleet A:

1st place, "Ten Spot," skippered by Terry Persily and sponsored by Ten Spot Syndicate.

2nd place, "Whistle,"skippered by Jim Laird and sponsored by Harbor Realty.

3rd place, "Kahuna," skippered by Bob Anderson and sponsored by Sutherland Marine.

Performance Handicapped Racing Fleet B:

1st place, "Cardhu," skippered by Mike Blama and sponsored by S.R. Snodgrass

2nd place, "Pinafore," skippered by Carl Anderson and sponsored by Miller Realty.

JAM (Jib and Main) - Fleet A:

1st place, "Epiphysis," skippered by Jeff Brodsky and sponsored by Ashtabula Orthopedics.

2nd place, "Tombac," skippered by Bill Bobulsky and sponsored by Bill & Kathy Bobulsky.

3rd place, "Talisman," skippered by Candy Allds and sponsored by Stouffer-Herzog.

JAM (Jib and Main) - Fleet B:

1st place, "Renegade," skippered by Pat Steadman and sponsored by Fagnilli’s Automotive.

2nd place, "Hanalei," skippered by Bill Shinskey and sponsored by Bill & Sharon Shinskey.

3rd place, "Ballisage," skippered by Jim LaPierre and sponsored by Raymond Builders.

Other boats registered in the regatta and their sponsors included: "Eleanor Rigby," skippered by Bob Lee and sponsored by Deli & The Rye; "Liberte," skippered by Patricia Gillette and sponsored by D.L. Hausman & Co. & NEO Psychological; "Heaven’s Daughter," skippered by Don Stark and sponsored by Andrews & Pontius; "Revolution II," skippered by Jim Lengyl and sponsored by Curry & Pasqualone; "Naturally," skippered by Ron Melaragno and sponsored by Parker Hunter; "Mistral," skippered by Pat Martin and sponsored by Kister Construction; "MacCallum," skippered by Bruce Robson and sponsored by Bruce & Judy Robson; "Entropy III," skippered by Bob & Becky Gilmore and sponsored by Buckeye Title; "Antares," skippered by Richard Crockford and sponsored by Grand River Rubber; "Sail Cat," skippered by Ed Milspaw and sponsored by Koski Construction; "Batella," skippered and sponsored by Joe Licate; "Fat Lady," skippered by Gary Englehart and sponsored by Hughes-Roller; "Knot Much," skippered by Mark Millberg and sponsored by Second National Bank; "Free At Last," skippered by Ed Shelley and sponsored by Conneaut Savings and Loan; "Howie’s Dream," skippered by Howie & Sandy and sponsored by Smith & Miller; "Quest," skippered by Leroy Chalker and sponsored by True North Auto; "Sea Jib," skippered by Seigfried Horne and sponsored by Geneva Ford.

A party for sponsors, skippers and crew members was held at the AYC following the regatta, and was sponsored by Dave & Marie Rowley.

On behalf of the Arts Center, Executive Director Beth Koski extended special thanks to donors and volunteers, including Kyle Smith, Zelda Altman, Charlotte Kline, Sally VanAllen, Debbie LaPierre, Judy Robson, Scot Sinkler, the Ashtabula Sail Club, the Committee Boat and Dave Hamilton.